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Auction Rules

The Nodder Exchange
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All Doll Auction
Ends Wednesday May 29th 2024 at 9:00 pm Eastern
Phone Bids  908-642-0910

Note- All Bobbing Heads offered in the All Doll auction are in my possession and have been examined and graded by me. All dolls are guaranteed free of repair and restoration unless noted. John Brey

Shipping charges $12 per lot which includes $200 insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased at $1 per $100.
Payment due within 10 days of auction. Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt.
There is a 14% Buyers Premium. (If your winning bid is $100 you are actually bidding $114.)

To  Bid Online
Go To The All Doll Auction

NOTE : You now have 3 ways to bid:

1. Live “real time” bidding online (just like EBay)

2. Email bids

3. Phone Bids

1. Online Bidding:

I’ve purchased auction software so that those who want to can bid and follow the auction live. You can go to for details. By the time you get this, the auction will be up and running. To bid online you can click the auction link, register and you’re all set to place bids. Takes about 3 minutes.(Plenty of pictures too)

2. Email Bids

If you have a computer but aren’t comfortable bidding online, you can email me your bids up to 6:00 pm on the day of the auction. The NodderExchange will place your bids for you. Please no email bids after that time.

3. Phone Bids

For those of you who don’t have or can’t stand computers, you can continue to call in your bids, just like before. When you call in we will place the bid for you. call anytime.


1. Minimum Bids are listed on your auction sheet. All bids must be raised by 10%

2. There is a 14% Buyers Premium. (If your winning bid is $100 you are actually bidding $114.)

3. You may place a “maximum bid”, whether you are bidding online, by email or by phone. All Max bids are confidential and will be used only if your current bid is topped. Placing a max bid is the easiest way to avoid having to make several calls.

**** PLEASE NOTE**** 5 Minute Rule

Each auction lot is scheduled to end at 9:00 pm. If a bid is placed on any item in the last 5 minutes of the auction (either online bids or phone in bids), the bidding for that item will be extended 5 more minutes. Each subsequent bid on that item will extend bidding for an additional 5 minutes. Therefore some items may end at 9:00 pm sharp and others could extend much later.

Therefore phone bidders are encouraged to call early and place max bids if possible. Its conceivable that someone may not be able to get through in the last few minutes and might get shut out on an item that has not had any late bids. Hopefully it won’t happen but it is possible.

6. Checks, paypal and money orders accepted. I no longer accept credit cards directly. Please pay as soon as possible after being invoiced. I will send email invoices whenever possible to speed things up. Payment is due within 10 days from auction date. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. You may return any doll within 7 days of reciept.

7. Start Bidding as soon as you like.

 Assignments being accepted, let me know what you have to sell.

Note - As you probably know, as a bidder you receive an email verifying when you bid and also when you get outbid. Please remember that these are automatically generated emails, most get to your inbox right away but like any email they could be delayed enroute. THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE THAT YOU DON'T GET UNEXPECTEDLY OUTBID IS TO FOLLOW THE DOLLS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN USING YOUR MEMBERS AREA. JUST LOGIN AND YOU CAN FOLLOW IN REAL TIME.. THANKS


"Gem" - the term gem refers to the color and shine of the doll. A gem doll would have beautiful, bright, shiny, colors and gloss. Because not all "Gem" nodders are perfect, we will combine the gem logo with the following grades:

Mint - No flaws, unless minor factory problems such as minor paint overruns or minor factory paint problems or bumps. A "Gem Mint" doll is the best. A "Mint" doll is one that has no flaws, but not the eye appeal of a "Gem Mint" doll.

NrMt/Mt - Possibly one or two minor flaws, usually in a spot that doesn't detract from its appearance at first glance. A NrMt/Mt doll is almost perfect.

NrMt - Most "nice dolls" fall into this category. A NrMt doll could have a couple hairlines in back or side or a minor problem in the front that doesn't detract from its overall appearance.

ExMt - Usually has a slightly bigger problem that may be noticeable at first glance, (dent, mark on face, etc.) We will always point these out so you know what to expect. Still a nice looking Bobber.

Ex or VG/Ex - Assorted "problems" should be spelled out, not an investment grade bobber but often nice enough for display.

Restored - Any doll that has a repair or something extra added, like new paint or lacquer.