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Football Bobbing Head Guide Revised 1/2008

 1960 NFL Promotional Dolls

The rarest set of all, these 15" "promos" were made as a promotional display piece
to advertise the new 1960 Wood Base NFL set. They were not available for sale but were
given to store owners to display.

Very few were made and even fewer survived, you can probably count the number of each
team's known examples on one hand. Needless to say, they are all scarce and very expensive.

There are 13 teams known to exist, no dolls seen for Minnesota Vikings.

 1960 Wood Base NFL Set
The very first regular sized set. These 6.5" dolls were glued to a wooden base. Base has no decal and
only a couple can be found with helmet decals (Cowboys and occasionally the Lions, Giants and Colts).

All dolls have the same mold and overall the set is fairly available. Only tough one's are the Cowboys,
Packers and the Rams example with the oversized gold base and gold uniform. Cardinals, Steelers, Browns,
and Redskins are the next toughest. The expansion Vikings were not represented here.

Main flaw in this set was the fact that often the glue on the base loosened. If you see an example with no
base you'll know what happened.
 1961 Square Base NFL Set
In an attempt to improve upon their initial effort, this set was issued the following year. Virtually identical
although this mold was all in one piece to avoid the glue problems. Other improvements were the inclusion
of helmet decals on most dolls and some example were made with an embossed NFL logo on the base.

Other main differences between the sets are as follows: Vikings doll was included, Cowboys doll was
remade with a different helmet and the coloring on the Packers doll changed.

Again, a fairly available set, there is no LA Ram variation and the Cards and Packers examples are
much easier to find. Cowboy is the toughest , Browns, Steelers and Redskins are next.

 1961-1962 AFL Toes Up
Colorful, historical set. The very first AFL set produced and it features several teams that
quickly moved or changed their names. Here you'll find the only bobbing head examples
of the NY Titans (later the Jets) and Dallas Texans (KC Chiefs) as well as the only Bronco nodder
featuring their original brown and gold colors.

All examples are quite rare, the Titans, Texans, Broncos, Raiders and Boston Patriots are probably
the toughest in that order. The Buffalo Bills nodder is probably the most available although even that
one is not very plentiful.

I believe there wer two sets made, one with the nickname on the chest and city on the base, the other
with just the nickname on the base and no chest decal.  I recently saw a Titans example with New York
on the base and no chest decal so I guess anything is possible.

 1962-1964 NFL Kissing Set

These cute Kissing sets were made from 1962-1964. Slightly smaller (5.5") and
feature a player with his eyes closed being kissed by either a majorette or cheerleader.
Includes all 14 NFL franchises.

Interesting pairs include the Cleveland Brownie elf and the Steeler player represented by
a steelworker. Both those pairs are popular and pretty tough to come by. The Redskins pair is
the scarcest of the set and rarely shows up.

Watch for "replacement" majorettes, many common generic green bases are repainted and used
to make a  pair. They look fine but the mold is different and it's something you should look for.  The Packers
can occasionally be found with the boys eyes open and the cheerleader's eyes closed but they are extremely
rare. There is rumored to be AFL examples of the Patriots and Bills but the examples I've seen for sale
certainly do not appear to have real Japan decals so I'll leave those out for now.

 1961-66 Toes Up Football

A very large, varied set that seems to have four main styles, Types 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Here are samples of each type:
Type 1
Ball Vertical
Gold Base
Goofy Face
Small decal or NFL
on base

Type 2
Ball Vertical
Gold Base
Regular Face
Larger decal on base
Type 3
Ball Horizontal
Gold Base
Bullet Shaped Head

Type 4
Ball Horizontal
Colored Base
Bullet Shaped Head
As a rule, the Type 4's are the rarest, followed closely by the 3's and 1's. Generally the Type 2's are the most
available although many teams don't even have a type 2 example..

If you don't get hung up on the types, this set is great to collect. Very colorful and varied, if you just try to collect one
of each team you'd have a great looking display. Prices are down from their previous highs a couple of years ago so it's
a relatively affordable venture.

Among the rarest of all football dolls are a series of 6 (known at this time) AFL nodders with numbered jerseys. All are extremely rare and valuable.

 1962-64 NFL Black Toes Up Football

Issued 1962-64, this Black Player set is quite rare. Thirteen NFL teams are represented, missing only
the St. Louis Cardinals and Baltimore Colts. A great looking set that is very colorful.

All of the teams are tough to find, with the Packers, Browns, Redskins, Lions, 49'ers and Cowboys leading
the way. Rams doll has a different head mold then the rest.

 1963-1964 Gold Square Base NFL Football
A very limited set, only 7 teams are represented. Not widely collected, mainly because they are all extremely tough to find and rarely show up for sale. Teams include the Bears, Cardinals, Colts, Giants, Lions, Redskins and Vikings. There are also black examples of the Cardinals, Colts and Lions.

The Bears, Giants, Skins and Vikings white examples are the only ones that show up more than once or twice a year. A real challenging set to say the least.
1965 Gold Base Football
A beautiful, well made set. Quite a bit more difficult to find than the later 1968 Gold base set
and nicer looking in the opinion of many veteran collectors.

 1965-1968 AFL Earpad Set

An all AFL set other than a Redskins example that is very rare. Designed to look like the old style helmets
with the earpads. Chiefs, Bills and Chargers are the most obtainable, rest are all very difficult to find.

 1965-1968 Real Face Set

Something a bit different with the realistic facial features. An all NFL set which is very challenging to put
together. No dolls known for the Giants, 49'ers, Steelers or Rams. Cards, Saints, and Falcons are the most available. Skins, Cowboys, Colts and Vikings are extremely rare.

 1968-1972 Gold Base Football
The starting point for many newer collectors. Prices are still fairly affordable and most are fairly available. Most dolls
have several different color shades so there is plent of variety. Condition is often an issue, heads were quite thin so
chipping and cracking is very common. Lots of repaired dolls out there from this set.

 CFL Football

Sets include the standard sized square bases as well as the slightly rarer small versions. Other CFL examples include
the team Touchdown Banks and the turtle like mascots. All of the CFL dolls are scarce..

 College Football Bobbing Heads
Regular Style                                   Baggy Shirt Style                          Vertical Ball Style

A fun and colorful set to collect, you can collect by conference, region, style you name it.. Three main styles as seen above. At last count I had catalogued over 120 different schools, with new discoveries coming every year.

If that's not enough, there are several mascots and other molds to choose from: