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Want to show off your collection? What better way to do it then to share it with others that really care,  your fellow collectors. Just send me your pictures and thoughts and I'll put them up for you. You can do it anonymously or add your name, its up to you. Feel free to send your other collectibles pictures too! Large or small, mint or VG it doesn't matter, send those pictures!

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Canada Collector  

NY Collector

The Pichler Collection


Canada Collector

Hi John, 

I finally got around to taking some pix of my collection for your collector's page... I'll send them over in different emails, use which ever you like.  I started collecting about 6-7 years ago, not sure exactly when anymore.  I was an SGA bobble collector, then I picked up my first vintage and I was hooked from the moment I first laid my eyes on him. Slowly I ended up selling the sga's, and now only collect vintage dolls.

Recently I started collecting the large size kail figurines too and I also have a near complete set of the CFL Kails. Some of my favorites would be my round base Mantle (not muscles version), the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes, and the Italian soccer (Naples) kissing pair.. I make all the shadow boxes myself, when I get close to completing a set I make the custom sized box. I still have one more to make for the CFL nodders when I get closer to  completing the set. I'm not exactly sure what to do with the advertising ones,  I'll need an extra large case for them. For my green base baseball set I collected all the mascots, then the two flat cap style nodders (Giants & Yankees), then filled the rest of the teams with black faces, then what ever teams were left with the regular white guys. I still have gaps to fill in some of the displays, but I'm getting soon!

Thanks Joe! Great collection and beautiful display cases. Well done.





Canada Collector  







NY Collector

A longtime collector from New York sent me photos of his good looking collection. Many thanks for sharing!

Beautifully displayed, a great cross section of Vintage Bobbing Heads combined with some other great looking memorabilia. Thanks and enjoy it!

The Pichler Collection

Collector Don Pichler from Canada sent along pix of his good looking collection. As you can see he's got a great mix of Football, baseball, hockey and CFL dolls. Also has lots of Saskatchewan Roughrider memorabilia. A great looking room!


Thanks Don!

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 Dave in DC's Collection

Dave in D.C. sent me pix of his fabulous collection. A great mix of Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Non Sports as well as an extensive CFL collection. Thanks Dave!!

Great collection! Thanks Dave.

 Reds, Twins Enterprises and New Stuff

Hi John,

I've seen lately on your site that you're putting up pictures of people's collections. Would you have any interest in posting collections of more modern dolls? I am a very much into the Twins Enterprise dolls, as these were the ones at the parks when I was young. I nearly have the complete set (as far as I know of) in the very recent gold base series they produced, as well as, a nice array of the green base sets. If you'd be interested in pictures, I'm currently working to organize them in my cases, but here are a couple pictures.

Jeff Berry

Thanks Jeff! Nice comination of new and old, some of those newer one's look pretty sharp.

 Minnesota Twins and New Stuff

Hi John,
My collection is just getting started but I thought I'd share it anyway since I visit your site so much. I primarily collect Minnesota Twins Stadium Give Away bobbleheads. I started with the tough to get ones, such as the Ecumen and 2000 bobbleheads. I'm slowly dipping into the vintage bobbleheads as well. Someday getting the Minneapolis Twins version white base bobbleheads and the other Minnesota oldies is my ultimate goal.
With three young kids, I hope to have about 5-10 vintage Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause bobbleheads by next Christmas. With their curious hands wanting to explore daddy's toys, I have not yet been able to find a nice and safe place to display my favorites. For now they sit on a make shift shelf high above potential disaster in the basement.
I love watching all the auctions take place too. I keep an extensive price guide of every single vintage and SGA Twins and every vintage Vikings and Gophers bobblehead that has been sold on Nodder Exchange and ebay. If anyone would like to see it they can email me at
There are some amazing collections shared on this website, I'd love to see more!!
Jamie Beck

Thanks for sharing Jamie!

 Shawn Casey's Collection

Long time collector Shawn Casey was kind enough to send my pix of his beautiful collection. A great assortment of vintage bobbing heads, game used bats and other assorted memorabilia. Beautiful display, thanks Shawn!

Great looking room, thanks for sharing.

 Tom Penzkowski's Collection

Long time collector sent me this email and pix. Great looking collection that he has worked on for years.

Here are some pics of the fellas for the website. I purchased my first bobber in 1980. Bought  from Tim Hunter in 1982 when it was just a sales list. I remember passing on all those expensive black dolls at $30 or $40 apiece because "I already have a white Colt 45, that's good enough!"  Ahhh hindsight!  I'm a long time collector , not the biggest or best collection, but I have a lot of other hobbies and interests too. Although some of those dolls haven't moved much in 25 plus years I've got to put 'em behind glass to keep those little hands and dust off.

Tom Penzkowski Wisconsin

Great looking collection and very nicely displayed! Lots of other neat stuff too. Thanks Tom.

 The John Pergine Football Collection

Very pleased to present John Pergine's bobbing head collection, probably the most complete football collection in the world. John has virtually every pro football example known, a few pop up now and then that he still needs but they are far and few between.

Here are some display shots as well as a sampling of just some of the complete sets he has accumulated. Enjoy...

Here's a partial "set view", plenty more not shown..

Wow! Thanks for sharing John.

 Xavier Flores Collection

This Athletic & Raider collection is from Xavier Flores in California. He has been collecting for about 2 yrs and has already put together a varied collection of some very valuable dolls. He won't stop until he gets every variation there is..

Thanks Xavier!! By the way, that's a beautifully re-done Raider Kissing Pair, great addition to the collection.

 JU from the Delmarva Peninsula


Here are my pictures. If you use them, I'd like to be known as JU from the Delmarva Peninsula. My collection is ecclectic with special focus on the following:
Baltimore Figurines
Indian Figurines
Blinky eyed figurines
College Mascot Banks
Advertising figurines
Various other high end collectible figurines

Wow! What a beautiful collection of Bobbing Heads and other figurals, they look great together.  Neat, neat stuff! Thanks for sharing.

 Rob Greene's SF Giants Collection

Hi John-

First, a picture of my "Giants Room." I won't bore you or your readers with any more views but I do have a lot of other Giants stuff - 120+ game-used bats, 195 pennants, 100's of pinbacks, 100's of paper items, etc., etc. (Note from The NodderExchange - I "made" him send me the rest of the pictures, I love to see other things too!)

Of the Giants bobbing heads, I know I need at least 3 minis, 2 weirdos and a few amalgations of different heads and bases which were mis-matched at the factory. I have a very good buddy who consistently beats me on my "needs," but I figure I'll get them cheaper after his collection is complete!

Thanks for showing my wife how many other obsessed collectors there are out there!

Let me be the first to say, WOW!!! And still happily married...don't  let her get away, she's a keeper.

 The Black N Gold Collection

Bob, a diehard Pittsburgh fan sent me the following:

Here's my Steelers and Pirates collection. The first picture has most of my nodders. My two pride and joy nodders are on the top shelf of the first picture, one at each end of the shelf (my grandchildren). As you can see I collect a lot of other black n gold things other than nodders, but nodders are my favorite.

What a great looking room! Some great Bobbing Heads and a slew of other great stuff. Thanks Bob!

 Wedge Bases and Phillies

Here's an email I got from Collector Wayne Stiles..

Hi John

My nodder collection is quite a bit smaller than some of these great collections but some of them in the collection may be of interest. I collect other areas besides the nodders and specialize in older Phillies and the wedge base nodders. If somebody has a variation I don't have, I'd be interested in hearing about it.  Please note again the Seattle wedge base is a paint over. It was a White Sox which is a shame.



Check this out.. Without a doubt the most complete Wedge Base Collection of all.

Includes the White Sox (only one known), Cardinals (probably 3 or 4 out there), two different Dodger bank versions, two Denver Bears versions and 3 of the 5 known Phillies wedge bases. Wow.

Phillies collection isn't to shabby either... If anybody has a variation that he doesn't have, let me know. Thanks for sharing Wayne.

 The Earthquake Collection

Long time customer from L.A. sent me his pix. A great varied collection, love those Shadow boxes!! Here's his email:
Hey John,
Great Idea on showing collector's collections, I love it ! Here is my small collection accumulated over the years.  I first started when my lovely girlfriend surprised me with a gem SD Chargers nodder, and like a not so bright collector I threw the box away. Sorry, but I was in the infant stages of collecting and didn't know the box added value.

That started me off and I started to buy from Tim Hunter back in the day when auctions were done by fax or phone and have continued with you over the years. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, because I love looking at everybody else's collections. Sorry but have to keep the little guys rounded up, because this is earthquake country. Also added some pictures on how I add nodders to shadow boxes with related items.

Super, thanks Frank!!

 Vinny From Brooklyn's Collection

Vinnie is a long time collector, his collection numbers over 750 dolls! His Non Sports collection is absolutely spectacular. Check out the pix and you'll find some of the rarest dolls known, including but not limited to the JFK "Bronze, Natural Genie, Subby, Tom Pouce, Six Flags, Dick Tracey, Poll Parrot,  NASA Spaceman and many more.

A great addition to our page, many thanks Vinnie!

 The Texas Collection

Received this email and pix from a long time collector from Houston. What a beautiful collection, thanks for letting us check it out!

Hi John,

I sent you photos of my collection for your website by way of Kodak Gallery. Here are a few notes on the collection.
There are 70 different college nodders.
The miniatures are a complete set (minus the Minneapolis variation)
1960-61 Color base baseball is complete.
Green base baseball is complete.
White base baseball is complete including the four superstars. (Mantle, Mays, Maris, Clemente)
Gold base baseball is complete.
Black baseball players is complete. ( 2 Colt 45’s)
1961-63 Square base football is complete.
1965 Ear pads football is complete.
1960 AFL football is complete.
College mascots is complete.
Gold base football is complete.

The only non sports nooder is Big Tex which I placed between Texas and Oklahoma just like on the Texas State Fairgrounds where the game is held.
All nodders in the collection are original. No nodder in the collection has had any repairs. (to the best of my knowledge and I began collecting being extremely vigilant)
Condition was always the top priority over the years and much of the collection has turned over during the years as I upgraded whenever I got the opportunity.
Hope this helps.

 CFL Collector

One of my many friends from Canada has a very extensive Canadian Football League collection which includes these 10 CFL nodders. He's begun a Hockey collection also, starting with minor league dolls.

Love those CFL dolls, very colorful with lots of helmet variations available. Thanks!!

 Pete Armstrong's Collection

Long time customer Pete Armstrong from Ilinois sent me the following:

Hi John, I love your new page for collections. Attached are some of my dolls. I display them in my basement bar & game room on a shelf that goes around about 85% of the room (see 1st pic). The shelf includes a 4" piece of plexi-glass that you can see better in some of the small group pictures.

I have a little over 300 older dolls from Japan in my collection. I also have about 15 Twins Ent. dolls that I picked up in the early 1990's that gave me the expansion teams and few other baseball teams that I still needed at the time. I bought the 1970's plastic Tampa Bay and Seattle NFL expansion dolls and was given a 70's plastic Cleveland Indians with the Wahoo head. I don't recall seeing any other mascot heads on the plastic baseball
dolls from the 1970's. Also, I have about 20 individual player dolls (mostly White Sox and Bears), a couple of the All-Star dolls from when the All-Star game was at Comiskey Park, Sam's dolls of Jordan (Barons & Bulls) and Rodman, Tiger Woods, Harry Carey, etc. Most of these dolls I acquired as stadium giveaways or gifts from friends who knew I collected bobblehead dolls.


Thanks Pete. Great varied collection and a super way to display them particularly if you need some extra room.

 Superstars and Minor Leaguers

This collector has a small but impressive collection of dolls, he concentrates on collecting superstar dolls and minor leaguers. Included are two Clementes, 3 mantle variations (shoulders, white round base, white square base), Maris, Aaron and 6 different Mays variations (dark face, 2 light faces with bat and ball, correct signature variation, silver sticker example and the gold base). Also has 6 different minor league examples including Denver , Seattle, Portland, Hawaii, Tacoma and a scarce Columbus Clipper 1983 Taiwan doll. Neat little collection.

 Promos and More!!

A very sophisticated collector sent me these photos of a small part of their extensive collection. Highlights include:

A nearly complete set of the ultra rare NFL promos, (missing only Dallas and Pittsburgh)
A set of scarce Big 10 Type 4 Toes Up dolls.
A Mr. Magoo Doll, one of only two known examples that exist and a doll that I had never seen before.
A neat collection of da Bears

Quite a collection! Thanks for sharing it with us.

 The Zainer Collection

Steve Zainer from Milwaukee was kind enough to send us pix of his massive collection. Well over 800 vintage dolls in total as well as one of the most extensive and complete College Collections out there. Many rare and obscure College dolls as well as a growing NFL and Baseball collection. Check out the pix that Steve sent. Wow!!



Thanks for sharing Steve!!!

 Western Theme

A collector from Arizona sent me a picture of his nice little collection. Obviously a "Western motif" to fit in with his other decorations and collectibles. Great idea as many of these nodders were purchased for $50 or less. You don't have to spend  fortune to have a nice collection that pleases you...

 NJ Collector

Here's a collector from NJ. Has a nice variety, including some rarer College dolls, lots of mascot dolls, quite a few black dolls as well as some rare Type 4 Toes Up dolls. He collects what he thinks is cool and often sends me dolls on consignment when he wants to change things around.

 Veteran Baseball Collector

A long time west coast collector sent me these photos awhile back. Wish I had more pix to share as this was one of the largest and most extensive baseball collections of all. Included virtually every baseball doll made, including almost every variation. Pretty neat stuff.

 My "Collection"

When I became a full time dealer 6 years ago, I decided that it's impossible to do it properly if you're also a collector. It's way to tempting to keep the good stuff for yourself and too hard to sell dolls that you fall in love with.

Therefore, my "collection" differs from most in that it turns over completely every 6 weeks. At any given time I normally have 125-150 dolls on display, all coming and going. The neat thing about that is I get to see and display 1,000's of different dolls over the course of the year, bad thing is having to let some of them go.. Every auction there are  several dolls that I really hate to part with but that's the tradeoff for me.

Here are a few pix of some of my recent collection(s), taken two months apart, all are long gone now.

Feedback welcome !

John Brey
Nodder Exchange
PO Box 103
Oxford, FL 34484